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Hey folks!

       To say that alot has been happening with Ursa’s Den in the last few months is a major understatement. Seriously. Not only have we been taking on and completing a number of awesome contracts for clients all over the globe, but Bryan took on some new writing gigs with the people at Dark Age ( ) … a VERY cool game that we hope will only get cooler with the stylings of Mister Steele to add to it!

       It was because of the blossoming relationship with Dark Age that Bryan did a co-hosting of one of our favorite podcasts: , specifically focused on Dark Age. It is always a good time to do interviews and talk shop, but this podcast did something else altogether… it got the attention of a new company interested in Bryan’s talents.

       The people of Dark Age actually work under the massive umbrella of the famed company, Cool Mini or Not (, and when the owner of that company heard the podcast…he dropped us an email and inquired about Bryan possibly doing more work for CMoN. There was some back and forth, but in the end Bryan was brought on part-time (so no worries for all of our contract clients…we still do our normal writing/design/miniature work, too!) as a Game Industry Marketing Exec.

        What this means in the future, who knows? But as of right now, Bryan is a very happy game industry professional and is lookng forward to bright, cool new things on the horizon!

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