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Things Brewing in the Den

April 1, 2011 by Bryan

Hey folks, I just wanted to give everybody an update as to what I am working on at the moment that is keeping me so crazy busy. :)

Let’s see…I am working steadily on a huge (and excellent!) Dark Eldar painting commission that will really turn out to be a sharp looking force when it is all said and done. Seeing how cool these models are and honestly how easily they paint, it almost makes me want a Dark Eldar force of my own…(No worries…I said ALMOST!).

I have a very loyal and excellent client that has me painting his Thousand Sons at the moment, too. These guys are a cool force that he has put a lot of conversion work into them and a decent portion of Forgeworld support…including the 1k Sons Dreadnought! I’ll be sure to get some pics up of this bad boy when it is done.

Speaking of Thousand Sons and Tzeentch in general, I’m also working up an Apocalypse-scale Silver Tower of Tzeentch to put onto eBay. It is built and basecoated, but the additional details have had to take a back seat to commissioned work. Be prepared for the linkage when I get it up, though.

I just put the finishing touches on a pair of Blood Bowl trophies for a new client (hopefully one with some repeat business…this was fun!), too. These aren’t the first topic-specific trophies I’ve done, as I did some 40k trophies for a tournament a while back. They were fun to build and low-stress to paint, so I want anyone else out there who wants to jazz up their prize support to drop me an email! :) Pictures to follow in the next few days or so.

Also, due to the excellent commercial advertising I am getting over at , I just got signed on to do a VERY cool Khorne Warshrine and Daemon Prince conversion set based on the Ogre Kingdoms models. This guy has some very keen ideas as to what his Chaos Warriors army is going to look like, and I am extremely happy to be part of making it happen for him.

Anyway, that’s what is on the plate at the moment…so while I might be pretty busy, feel free to drop me a line on anything you want to talk about and we will fit you into the queue somewhere! Winter is over, hibernation is done and the Ursa’s Den is ready for anything! :)

Cheers everyone,

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