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Hey Ursa followers! Well, it is September, the leaves are getting ready to change colour and I am looking to celebrate the cooling of the thrice-damned temperatures with a new combination of shades for my monthly 10% off special. Any painting order agreed upon in the month of September whose primary colour choice is BLACK and the off-tones/contrast is either ORANGE or YELLOW will receive the 10% discount.

As a special-within-the-special, any creatures made of/that are animated TREES (GW Wood Elf Dryads, Treekin, Treemen, etc.) that are to be painted in autumn tones will earn 15% off instead!

And the final (I mean it!) September special…to celebrate the start of the American Football season (of which my wife/business manager is a big fan), anything from the BLOOD BOWL miniature line is also 15% off!

Cheers, and have a happy autumnal start!

Good gaming to all,


So…get those “darker” orders rolling in!

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